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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Casino Royale..

Its not Vodka Martini this time in new James Bond movie " Casino Royale" .... it is a little known french aperitif- Bordeaux's "Lillet" that got into limelight..
"Three measures of Gordon's (gin), one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet, shake it over ice then add a thin slice of lemon peel," Bond asks the waiter as he gets prepared to fight his adversary in a high-stake poker game.
The french drink maker is enjoying this reputation and tryin make out some business with this instant fame.
As a hard core Bond fan and a wine connoisseur I hope Bond wil ask the same drink in his next movies too...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Fresh from Project

I went for an internship at Technopak in Hyderabad. http://www.ksa-technopak.com/index.jsp..
the one and only one Indian consulting company in Retail domain (consulting in Textile & Apparel, Consumer goods, Healtcare n others too..)

Had a great time in HYD. Pradeep LV also joined in that ecstacy sharing. The trip went on well. I did few good things in my stay..
- Met JayaPrakash Narayan (www.loksattaparty.com) , had a great discussion with him
- Met Dr. Vidyasagar (http://www.atc.tcs.co.in/~sagar/) , Ex VP of TCS , with the help of Vikranth
- Networked with some key friends
- Gals, Pubs, Necklace road, HYD Central.... offfoooo....had too much fun.

Hey a good news from my side. My BPlan got selected for IIT - Bombay, Eureka. (http://www.iitbecell.org/initiatives/eureka.php) . Got to be der on Dec10th.

Latitude heat caught up the branding team. We all had a meeting yesterday discussing on what to be done and when to be done... got to do some serious work for it in a very short time.

BTW watched Casiona Royale.. its not that grt. no gadgets, no techie cars..only emotions..
worth watching DVD..dont waste goin to theater..
Chalo..catch up later...bye...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Recent M&A deals

Just thought to update you all with the recent major mergers & equity buyouts happened inIndian business..There were around 320 M&A deals in the first half of 2006 of total worth USD 25.6 bln. 76/320 were cross border deals of worth USD 5.2 bln.
- Tata tea the worlds No 2 branded tea company (acquired Tetly, UK tea brand recently) is buying a stake of 30% in Energy Brands Inc, maker of Glacueau vitamin water in US. This is the largest-ever foreign equity investment by an Indian company.The only doubt for investors is how can Tata manage this business when it doesnt have any related experience even domestically..
- Dr. Reddy's bought Germany's "betapharm" from British equity firm 3i.- Suzlon acquired Belgium based Hansen Transmission.
- US oil major Chevron acquired 5% stake in Reliance petroleum
- Ranbaxy acquires 96.7% of Terapia from Advent International for US $324m
- Tata Coffee has bought the US-based Eight O'Clock Company (EOC) for $220 million.
- Aban Loyd Chiles Offshore is to pay $445 million to acquire a 33.76% stake in Sinvest, aNorwegian drilling company.
- Subex Systems Limited, the Bangalore based global telecom software product company, acquired Azure Solutions Limited, a telecom revenue-assurance company.
- Desperate attempts by UB group to enter the world wine market by buying Taittinger..(recently trying for some New Zealand wine company, whose founder died in a plane crash)
- The other big news is the failure of Jet-Sahara deal...Hutch Essar BPL deal

Note:- Guys you can ofcoz get this news by googling, but here my intension is to list down the most popular recent deals.Hope this info adds value to your IQ..

Gopi Krishna...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Effect of Globalization on Asian markets (India, Hong Kong, Japan) and the diary of recent Indian stock slump

It’s true that opening up of capital markets i.e. attracting FIIs would improve a country’s economy, and India also opened up its markets since 1990’s. Since then FIIs invested heavily in Indian stock equity and the market’s dependency on the FIIs increased equally. With the help of globalization the stock markets around the world became correlated to an astounding degree. Now the correlation between DJ index and emerging markets indices is around 90% [1].

Fig. 1 shows the stock indices of BSE and DJIA since April 17th 2006. It can be observed that when there is a dip in DJIA by 1% there is almost a dip of 10% in sensex, Fig 2. The correlation between these two indices since April 17th is found to be 93%. The fact that emerging markets (majorly south Asian markets) are depended heavily on the US markets can be viewed from Fig 3. It can be interpreted that if there is a little dip in DJIA, soon afterwards markets in Japan, Hong Kong, and Mumbai will dip.

Figure 1: BSE Sensex and DJIA points since April 17th
Figure 2: DJIA and Sensex % change since last 3months

Figure 3: Stock indices of Japan, Mumbai, Hong Kong and US since last 3months

Generally Asian companies are listed through American Depository Receipts in US stock exchange. Almost all the top notch Indian companies that constitute the BSE 30 are listed through ADRs in US (there are approx 80). So if the Dow dips or rises, Indian ADRs too dance to the same tune (not always, but in general).
Its evident that globalization has interlinked countries to such an extent that any change in the major stock market will reflect changes in the others too. Trade and capital flows have increased to enormous volumes. As US accounts for more than 1/4th of the world’s GDP any little change in US stocks will immediately show on the other emerging markets. Increased investments in US will enhance software developments and BPO industries in India. Good growth in US economy will improve the tourism industry around the world. Any decision by US Fed (monetary policies) will affect the performance of other markets. Last month (May 06) when US Fed members hinted about the concerns of inflation, markets crashed across the world (of course little effect on European markets). Investors interpreted this to mean higher interest rates, more savings in the bank, lesser investments by public/firms, slower the economic growth. It may be that this is a test by US Fed to check their influence on other economies. Now US is in a position to threaten any country directly (war) or indirectly (hurting economies) and India may have to revisit their policies to reduce the influence of FIIs on the country’s growth.

Globalization brings in many advantages and Indian companies have gained hugely with the access to global capital markets. India itself is propelling with growth in all sectors because of the reforms bought in by government due to the pressure of FIIs. But there are also few disadvantages like loss of control on the nation’s economy. It would be better if RBI takes this point seriously and find out the ways to cut down the dependency of our economy on FIIs.
Inspired by an article by Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar
1. Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar article on June 21st, ET.
2. Y.V. Sridhar, Market Mayhem, Frontline, June16, 2006
3. Google

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hurrayyyyyyy...Mittal Conquers Arcelor..

This man is awesome..kudos to his determination. This is a rejoicing moment for all Indians as our own Indian; Lakshmi Niwas Mittal, went global and clinched the deal that was alluring him since 5 months..
Ending a 5 month hostile bid war Mittal merged with Arcelor today. According to the news, Mittal's stake will be 45 % in the new firm. He will be co-chairman with Joseph Kinsch and majority of board members will be from Arcelor.
Arcelor was planning for a merger with Russia's Severstal but many shareholders opposed the move.
Mittal Steel is already the world's biggest steelmaker. The deal with Arcelor has now gave birth to a new entity with an output 3 times larger than its nearest rival.
As a result of the deal, Arcelor will now have to pay a fine of 130 million euros to Russia's Severstal for breaching the contract. The new company will be called Arcelor Mittal.

The story of Man of the Steel...

More facts and news about the merger will be posted soon...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Great Lakes Anthem

This video is created by our seniors...check out and enjoy..

Saturday, June 17, 2006

My frnd Manik

Manik Kinra..check out his blog on right side of this page in the "My fellow Bloggers section-Manik My Perspective" . This guy is amazing, his postings are cool. Actually I am getting inspired from him and tryin to post regularly...good work pal..get going...

BTW our Strategic Management classes are done and Organisational Behavior classes are going on with full pace..
Last 2 classes covered abt Managerial effectiveness, Environmental challenges and Learning Organisations...

Info abt Dr.Abdul Rasheed, Strategic Management prof from Univ of Texas at Austin

This is abt Dr. ISF Irudayaraj from XLRI teaching us Organisational Behavior ..


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